The spark of Mount Hermon Higher Secondary School rise from the hard work, selfless efforts and dedication of Sir P.S.Ranee, a determined and hard working person whom we can’t deny that Mount Hermon is his dream and vision. Rangskhen, a village surrounded by trees, lovely hills and free from noise pollution is a perfect place for learning and the understanding of the villagers about the value of education has inspired this co-educational English medium school. The school was established in the year 2011 from class Nursery to class XI with the help of a group of young, talented and dedicated teachers who worked together with a fresh vision of education and its transformative role. It is a pleasure to mention that this is the only school in the history of the state as well as in India that an individual could start a school from Nursery to class XI with an enrolment of 200 hostellers and 125 day scholars. At present (2015) there are 649 students in the school.

The Purpose

This educational institution was founded with an aim to uplift the areas where students, especially the poor, the less privileged, the middle class families or the down trodden can avail the opportunity of further studies with best education for a better and prosperous future. The purpose of setting up this school is not only to provide better quality of education that is available everywhere but to provide an all-round development in the child mentally, physically and spiritually.

Permission and Recognition

With the blessings and guidance of the almighty Father, the school received the opening permission in the year 2012 and recognised by MBOSE in 2013.

Recruitment of Teachers

The school recruited teachers under contract basis. The contract is within four or six months depending on modern teaching techniques for effective classroom teaching and who develop a positive attitude towards their professional as well as personal life. The Managing Committee observes the teacher’s performance and if He or She is qualified for the post he or she is appointed as a permanent teacher.

Hostel and Dining Hall

The school provides residential hostel for boys and girls to promote the integral development of body, mind and spirit. There are two wardens in the boys’ hostel and two wardens in the girls’ hostel. Starting from the Morning Prayer several programmes are organised for the students of the hostel. The students have to study 6 hours every day. There is separate Dining Hall for boys and girls. The school emphasize environmental friendly food, which is intended to support the less privileged family. Before going to bed and every morning, the students have to attend the Praise and Worship, reading the word of God and mass praying along with the Wardens. In this way there is a change in the lives of the students. Absolute silence during prayer sessions, functions and study hours is highly essential. All the needs of the students are met by the hostel like medical care etc. No student staying in a hostel is allowed to go outside the campus. Students are not allowed to carry money and any other electrical devices such as mobile phones, iPod etc. For their entertainment, the Hostel faculties arranged outdoor and indoor games, value-based movie shows and field trips. The Hostel also provides a Sunday service by inviting speakers and Pastors from outside. The hostel also promotes discipline, punctuality, co-operation, sharing and loving, and clean habits. The Hostel shall be a home away from home full of love and care with the divine guidance of God.


There are limited seats for orphans sponsored free education by the Bethany Society (Pongkung) which is the sponsoring body of the school.

Smart Class –Digital Learning

The school also motivated faculty and students involve in active learning with the use of modern technology. Active learning engages the whole body of the person not just the intellectual mind. As the famous saying goes “What I hear, I forget; What I see, I remember; What I do, I understand.”, so the school has introduced digital learning- which is an art to make students remember what has been taught. Students take delight in the learning process with the introduction of the smart class. From 2016 conducting of Smart class will be from class Nursery to class XII. The school has spent Rs. 20 lakh for the construction and installation of the projectors. Because of the frequent reduction in the supply of electrical power in the area, the school has purchased the DG Projector of 25 KV so that the study hours of the students and teaching through smart class will not be interrupted.

Extra class

Extra classes are also taken for Class X and Class XII from the month of June every day from Monday to Friday from 7:40 AM to 8:40 AM. In this way the teachers could complete the course within the month of October. As an encouragement for the teachers, the school gives an extra pay for the extra class. If any of the teachers is on leave the teacher who has an off will attend the class of the teacher on leave and for that the school gives an extra pay for them with the policy- extra work, extra pay. The school gives an incentive at the end of the year for those who did not complete the Casual Leave.

Examination and Assessment

The school conducts three terminal examinations annually and class test is conducted twice a week, i.e., every Monday and Friday. From Class I to Class VIII 40% is taken as the internal marks and 20% for Class IX and X. In this way the students have to study for the whole year. It is mandatory that each student should memorise the Bible verse every morning which shape and mould their spiritual life. The students learn the spirit of patriotism and respect to the motherland by also memorising the pledge and sing the National and Regional Anthem every day.

Prize and Reward

Some kind of prize or reward usually motivates the student to play and learn to associate winning with the need to excel. Therefore the school awarded those students who participated in various curricular and co-curricular activities, and the meritorious students who secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in various examinations conducted by the school. The school also felicitated the meritorious students by giving laptop and a cash prize for those who secured the highest percentage. If the student reaches the Top 20 the school will award a scholarship of Rs. 75,000 along with a laptop.

Martial Arts and Self Defence

Another step towards achievement is the introduction of Martial Arts in the school. This is meant only for the girls’ hostellers for self-defence.